Monday, November 17, 2008

Pink As Stolen Perfume: Writer or Criminal???

Current Word Count: 4, 001 (considering setting the mss on fire...)

What a way to celebrate a birthday!
PS: I apologise if I sound defeated, disgruntled and depressed. Or merely incoherent, incomprehensible, inchoate. It’d be a miracle if I didn’t!

What better present can one possibly get than this realisation that your manuscript, upon which you invested years of hard labour, is out there in someone else’s hands, not only that, IN THEIR NAME!

I have found the woman who passed off my work as hers Saturday before the last (read previous post). I told you I would. Now I don’t know whether to be happy or sad. That I have found her. Online.

I am happy because I have found her.
Sad because Murphy’s Law is always true. It should be renamed Desi’s Law.
If anything can go wrong, it will. Even if it can’t, it still will.

This woman didn’t just read from my hard-earned manuscript as though it belonged to her. SHE EVEN POSTED IT ON HER BLOG?????? AND IT’S STILL THERE?????

It’s weird, surreal even. She has a new novel coming out soon, with the horrid title of PINK AS PERFUME and apparently my work is in it.
She even knows Broomington, the man who lived in this house before me??? weird??

How did she lay her vanity-afflicted hands on my work?

Did she steal HANGMEN & HANGOVERS? If not. Who did?

Are there other people out there who are in possession of my work?

Is there a conspiracy against me, a struggling author?

I hate asking for advice. But in this case, I haven’t got a choice. Shall I call the police? Or handle this myself? Send me an email: shoscombe.oldplace (AT) Or leave a comment. Or mail a letter to me (i'd actually prefer this) (if you can send a birthday card as well, i won't refuse it...):

c/o The Struggling Artists League
Rolling Moss Pub
Box 212
Old Town


Adorna Shine - Writer said...

I'd be very careful if I were you. VERY CAREFUL.


Carlos found the number of my legal representative, and someone will be contacting you shortly for a discussion on the finer points of libel.

Keep your nasty, badly punctuated trap SHUT until you can provide proof. Which will be NEVER!

Adorna Shine

P.S Please see comments on my blog RE: the special abilities of my my assistant Carlos. You might want to bear that in mind before posting again, you nasty dribbet of no good.

P.P.S "Happy Birthday"

iGwatala said...

My, oh my!