Tuesday, November 18, 2008

From Adored to Accused

I got a comment (check the comments on previous post) yesterday from her (hereinafter referred to as 'The Accused')

The cheek of it! The Accused threatening the Prosecution Witness. Calling me a "nasty dribbet of no good"??? This is what they mean when they talk of 'Game Hunting the Hunter'. I can't believe this!!! You steal my novel and then you threaten me with a courtcase? is it because I'm a poor, helpless, struggling writer, who cannot even afford internet access at home & doesn't even have a computer?

PS. I think she should change her blog from AdoreAdorna to AccusedAdorna (I have magnanimously set up the blog for her)

PS. For those of you who think I am taking this issue lightly ("his stolen novel is appearing on someone else's blog and all he's doing is blogging angrily about it"), please relax and be patient.

PS. I have added her blog(s) to my blogroll so we can all monitor her activities from now on.


Waffarian said...

Just discovered your blog. I think we all need to be careful. I found a work of mine on a blog recently. My words twisted in the most cruel manner. The blog has since been shut down but I still wonder who the person was...an angry lover?

I think you should report her to the "blogger people" maybe they can get her blog shut?

Good luck! I will check out her blog as well. She sounds quite nasty to me. Just read her comment.

Adorna Shine - Writer said...

You wally.

Feeling a bit 'sore' this morning, are we?

Ha ha ha.

He who laughs last, laughs longest, and I am laughing my earrings off.

Sarah Hymas said...

cold you lace your words with some timed explosive devise that'll blow her laughing earrings off her smug chops?